AI for In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

A common concern about artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is where it will be profitable in addition to improving and/or saving lives. One promising area is the earlier prediction of in-hospital cardiac arrest. [1] The AI software monitoring of vital signs +/- labs can detect changes earlier and can help predict cardiac arrest more accurately and earlier than existing risk models. Finding out a patient is headed towards cardiac arrest earlier can lead to measures to stop and reverse this progression.

This can lead to fewer complications for the patient, less need for critical care resources in the hospital, and…

Artificial Intelligence and Cardiology

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in cardiology have the potential to be groundbreaking, but which applications will actually help save lives and help people live longer? One major area that is being transformed is cardiac computed tomography (CT). Specifically, the use of AI to analyze coronary artery disease (CAD) and markers of CAD found on cardiac CT.

So far studies have been limited in quality and size, but there’s a growing body of data that suggests that cardiac CT machine learning (ML), including deep learning (DL), and neural network algorithms can improve the accuracy of predicting major cardiovascular events. This includes…

Is the Future of COVID-19 in Wearables?

More than 33 million people worldwide have tested positive for COVID-19. [1] Could fitness trackers and smartwatches be used for the early detection of COVID-19 and help prevent its spread? More data is needed to know for sure, but it’s possible that a fitness tracker or smartwatch could pick up on temperature, heart rate, and/or respiratory rate changes before you notice a change or have symptoms of COVID-19. [2]

There are currently ongoing studies in this area, including a phase 3 clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine in Abu Dhabi using the WHOOP fitness band. These studies will hopefully give…

Why Is Your Cholesterol Going Up?

Recently I’ve seen some weight loss experts and doctors say that it’s normal for your bad cholesterol to go up transiently when you lose weight. The reason this may happen is if you’re on a ketogenic or similar low carb high-fat diet.

I did some research to see if there any studies to support this. Only a couple of small studies showed that your bad cholesterol going up could be normal for some people. Most large studies show that when people lose weight, their bad cholesterol levels do go down. …

It can be hard transitioning from holiday eating back into eating healthy again in January. That’s because after the holidays you may not have a lot of things going on to look forward to besides eating. You may not have as many parties in January. You may have just gone on vacation in December, so you don’t have any vacations to look forward to. And it’s cold outside (at least it’s cold here in NYC!) so you may not want to go out as much, and then you end up hibernating and eating.

You have time to get bored and…

The best option, obviously, is if you don’t put on any holiday weight, but that can be hard if you have a lot of holiday parties or events to go to. The other thing that can be frustrating is that I used to find that if I put on five pounds from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, then sometimes it would take three months or more to lose the weight I put on in just seven days. If that happens to you too, it can be frustrating.

Why Is It So Hard to Lose Holiday Weight?

The reason that happens is that the longer you’re at that new weight…

Recently I heard about cryotherapy for weight loss and I wanted to find out more about it. Basically, it involves submerging your body in subzero degree temperatures for up to a few minutes. It’s similar to a sauna type situation but instead of hot air, it’s cold air. It’s kind of like being in the movie Frozen. This doesn’t sound like fun to me. I don’t like being cold.

Does Cryotherapy Work for Weight Loss?

On researching it I couldn’t find any medical research that doing this could actually help you lose weight. It could help you with other things like recovering from sports injuries. …

It’s easy to go to the grocery store and get overwhelmed by all the options, and then end up picking what you always do. One thing to consider next time you’re at the grocery store is changing from peanut butter to almond butter or cashew butter. This could help you lose weight.

Almond Butter and Cashew Butter

Peanut butter has both healthy and unhealthy fats in it. If you’re eating peanut butter every day, almond butter could be a better option to help you lose weight. Of the three, almond butter has the highest amount of healthy fats and the lowest amount of unhealthy fats…

A few months ago I tried cashew cheese for the first time, and it’s definitely an acquired taste. That brings up the question is it even worth acquiring the taste? How healthy is dairy cheese for you? Will switching to a nondairy cheese help you lose weight?

Will Switching Cheeses Help You Lose Weight?

That depends on how much dairy cheese you’re eating per day. If you’re eating one serving or less switching is probably not going to make that much of a difference. If you’re eating more than one serving of dairy cheese a day, then that’s a reason to consider switching to nondairy alternatives.


It’s that time of year again. I always find it the hardest to eat healthy around this time of year because from Halloween to New Year’s Eve it’s a lot of parties and get togethers and a lot of yummy unhealthy food.

It’s easy to say “Don’t eat that Halloween candy, eat fruits and vegetables instead”, but it’s harder actually to do it. My Halloween favorite is candy corn, so I know how hard it is to resist. Here are some Halloween tips for eating healthier.

How to Eat at Halloween Get Togethers

Usually at Halloween get togethers there are a lot of baked goods like pumpkin…

Dr. Monali Y. Desai

I’m a cardiologist, consulting and providing advisory services in health tech.

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